Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Fish lights today!!!

Zappos sent me a note last night with a tracking number. UPS would be delivering my new fish crocs on Tuesday. But, this morning, UPS says, WRONG! They are Out for Delivery today!! I'm very excited.

So I really don't know what that huffing and puffing and can't get air thing was about yesterday but it's totally gone today. Very strange but Yeah.

I'm going back to using an alarm, at least for Mondays. The pool is most crowded on Mondays so it's the day I really need to get there as soon as they open to secure my lane real estate. This morning I woke up at 1:30, 2:30, 3, 3:30, 4... yeah, I need the alarm so I can sleep! I had a really nice swim. I finished one book yesterday and have another lined up but I listened to music instead and just used the time to random think.

One random thought was a correction to one of my Continued entries. I remembered, when I was little, that Daddy used to take us to the rodeo in Winston-Salem. So I had seen horses in real life. I also remembered that the Winston-Salem Coliseum was the first (and only) place I ever saw water fountains labeled 'colored' and 'white'.

I got some other good thinking done, too. Nice to get things organized in my brain. I get such joy on so many levels from swimming.

I do not get joy from leaves. The Tree That I Hate is growing in... again. There's a tree, right outside my terrace. It was planted by the city about a year after I moved in here. For about the first 10 years I could not even see it. And then... it started creeping up to my level. The guy below me, at the time, snipped off the top of it once and nearly got jail time for his efforts. He did have to pay a giant fine. But, it bought me a couple of years. Now, from May through October, it totally blocks my view of the stadium, the parking lot and the apartments across the street. It's anathema to my love of voyeurism.

I think I'm going to head on back to the sewing room and see about making more dolls.
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