Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Is that my glass?

I nearly always have a glass of ice water next to me. Lately the cat has taken to drinking my water out of my glass. WTF?? That's my glass of water. So I finally got another glass (exactly the same) and filled it with water and left it on the counter next to her food dish. Now she drinks out of her glass and not mine. Problem solved but what a weird cat.

I am having a very rare COPD day. I can't seem to get enough oxygen in. It feels like I'm on an air diet. Weird. It's just like being out of breath for no reason. It's not painful or even horrible but annoying all the same. I didn't have a problem swimming this morning. I first noticed it about mid morning. I'd like it to go away and not be a thing.
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