Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Salty Seniorita

A few months ago, on the bulletin board in the garage, someone left 3 days passes to the expensive gym near Pike Place Market. One for Feb, one for March and one for April. I really enjoyed my first two trips and today used the last one. Early on a Sunday morning, it's a piece of cake to get there, find parking and get home. Plus they have a salt water pool. Swimming in salt water makes your skin feel amazing all day.

I like the gym a lot and if the cost was the same to me as LA Fitness (i.e. $0 through my insurance), I might be more of a regular there but it has just enough negatives to not be too tempting. Fun place to visit, though. I'd love to see some more free passes on the bulletin board!

I couldn't decide which place out of several options to go to for breakfast so I came home and made my own - scrambled egg, bacon, cheese quesadilla. I totally forgot I had an avocado which initially annoyed me but then I checked and it won't be good until at least tomorrow.

Zappos says my light up fish crocs will be here Tuesday. I cannot wait. My dream shoes. I wonder if I should get a backup pair.

Cheap incense for the win. I have an exhaust hood over my stove BUT it does not (and cannot) vent to the outside, it's pretty worthless unless you need a loud wind sound. It does nothing to dissipate smoke or smell. I hate the smell. I've tried everything. Dishes of baking soda, odor elimination beads, candles, sprays - everything. Finally, not long ago, I thought to give incense a try. I got the cheapest I could find on Amazon - cones - and gave 'em a try. The incense smell is not strong at all and what little there is does not last long. But, it eats the food smell!! It really does work. And it's so cheap and easy.

There's a baseball game this afternoon and that's all I know for sure about the agenda for the rest of today. We'll just see what happens.
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