Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Busy busy busy ... but not me

To and from the pool today was pretty exciting. There's an urban trek (kind of a localized Amazing Race) with their color teams in various places. An outdoor apparel outlet store is having their annual sale and that line was down the block on my way to the pool and twice as long on my way back. The line for the record store (National Record Store Day) was around the block and, delightfully, the parking lot sported several very excellently restored vehicles. On my way home I saw a dude headed that way in a 1960s convertible winged something. Such fun.

In addition to that, there was an accident that somehow took down power lines on I-5 that has it closed in both directions all the way through town and a fair bit north as well. And ... the science march. Holy moly.

The rain has held off so far but it looks like all of the above is set to get pretty wet pretty soon.

I'm back home and in for the day. There's a Mariner game on this afternoon and I might do laundry. I'm out of breakfast quiche muffins so I need to make more of them.

And no telling what else might happen...
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