Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Don't tell, but I ate kale

Last week when I had Barrie over for lunch, I needed a salad to go with the quiche. I was looking at the bagged, ready to eat section when I found Taylor Salads which I had never seen before.

I mixed it up right out of the bag. I didn't add anything or subtract anything. It was really good. So I got another bag and mixed it up. I ate it over the course of 4 days and it was just as delicious for lunch today, on the 4th day as it was when I opened the bag. I am thrilled. I am not a fan of veggies or salads so when I find one I like, I rejoice. REJOICE!!

But, I'm not rejoicing about my latest FICO score. I'm being dinged because I make no installment payments. I have no loans. I may let one of my credit cards accrue a balance and not pay it all off at once to see if that will edge it back up. It's a fine score but I want it back where it was.

I dropped off some dolls and the bears this morning and Jeannie, this time, sounds like her retirement is definite. Likely towards the end of the year. And there may be no life after in terms of any bears and dolls. She said 'time will tell.'

For the past year I have been making as many dolls as possible and every stitch I knit went into a bear. (All, self imposed, by the way.) I think I'm going to take a little vacation for a while. I have other knitting I want to do maybe. And other sewing. Or other things. I have so much time and I love making the bears and dolls (and I have some new monster ideas) so no way am I going to abandon them.

But, I'm going to give myself a little break I think. But, I do have a bear to keep me company.

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