Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Print print print, scan, print

Unpacking and setting up the printer was a major deal. My sore (tendinitis?) arm is screaming. I just told it to settle down with some Aleve. Getting it out of the box alone was major. And then finding all the tape and styrofoam and other packing stuff was tricky.

But, the worst part was the setup instructions. They included mounds of stuff that was not pertinent to my setup and left out 1. How to get the paper into the paper tray properly and 2. Where the prints come out.

It would not print so I had no clue about either. So I decided to return it. At Staples you fill out this form and then they send you an email saying you'll hear from a return specialist in 3 days.

I was just before packing it all back up again, when I decided to work on the paper tray thing one more time. Finally, I got it right and managed to print out a page and the page came out the front (any other option - sides or back) would have been a surefire trip back to Staples.

So then I worked on other stuff... color, scanning, copying... all work fine. Hmmm Ok, cancel that return, please. I put the ink jet down where the laptop was and moved the laptop up onto a middle shelf and it all fits and it all looks nice and so then I took the box and packing materials down to the recycling dumpster.

I still need to read the manual to see all the other stuff it can do and probably hook it up to the printer or wire it to the network but, for now I've got the minimum working very nicely from every computer/phone/tablet scanning and printing - nice and fast. Sweet.

I'm a very sore but happy camper.

Another happy thing is a sign I spotted on the way home today. There used to be an Office Depot and an Office Max very near here. Each had a pack and ship offering. And you could drop off any UPS, FedEx, USPS prepaid package and get a receipt and they'd move it on its way. The Office Max closed or rather moved in with Office Depot. The Office Depot had a fight with UPS and quit taking their packages and quit the packing part.

So then I started taking my stuff to the UPS store near the pool. Then I started swimming early and they weren't open yet. So, I've been stuck without for several months now.

Meanwhile, there's a building just down the road here - less than a mile - that used to house a business that sold every lightbulb in the world. It was great. Need an obscure bulb? They had it. I was at Mom's once in Charleston, SC and she had a thousand year old lamp with a very weird bulb in it. I called them and they shipped out a new one that day - overnight so I could make sure it worked before I left for Seattle. They were fabulous and then they closed up shop and sold the building to a printer. Sigh.

BUT... today, I drove by and saw a sign out that the printer will soon be offering pack and ship services!!!! UPS, USPS, FedEx and DHL! When I got home, I checked there website and no mention. But, they had a twitter logo there and the account was live so I tweeted at them. And got a nice conversation! They hope to have their new service up in June and will tweet me when they do. HOORAY for both the print shop and their twitter-ness.

I had intended to go out to dinner tonight since there is no home baseball game (so I won't get caught in game traffic) but they are on an 11 day road trip so there will be time and I have some outstanding fried chicken waiting. Yum. I do love Popeye's so much.

I'm making great progress on capturing all my What It Was Like For You Growing Up entries. They started on March 15 and I've missed a couple of days - like today. I've tried to keep them pithy but even with a week of entries left to add, the doc is now 60 pages. I had not realized I'd written that much. But, it's been fun and I plan to continue so I want to get caught up with the archiving.

The baseball is in Oakland so even though it's not a home game, it's in the same time zone.
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