Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Trip Report

There was traffic but it was moving so fine. It still took me 25 minutes to get there. About 5 minutes out, I started thinking... I'll get there and they will say that it's on the truck being delivered. Before I left, I took the signed door tag off the managers door. It was in my pocket. So it would be another failed delivery and I would have made this trip to this isolated warehouse park for nothing.

I spent those 5 minutes giving myself an It Does Not Matter pep talk. So what? I wasted an hour and some gas. The printer isn't critical. Nothing is. No big deal. Roll the fuck with it.

There's a big parking lot with no clear way to get into a building and no clear instructions to which building. Very weird. So I finally find a spot and walk towards a little booth at the end of the lot in hopes of seeing some instructions.

Inside the booth is a very cheery woman who takes my tag number and tells me it will be 5 minutes and why don't I move my car closer? Like to one of the slots right out the door. So I do. When I come back we chat about how very cute my car is and do I like it and is it fun to park (yes) and roomy inside (yes) etc. She was nice and fun. And then a guy drives a little cart up with my package and WHOA! It's gynormous!!

Soon we had a crowd of about 6. Three of the crowd were oohing and ahhing over the car and the other three were taking bets on if/how the fuck we were going to get that sucker into the car. They were all great fun. I signed for the box and opened the door wide and the cart driver plops it right in - sweet as you please. And everybody high fived everybody else. It was hilarious! And such a very pleasant experience. Totally worth the drive.

I stopped at Walmart to check on sale fabric (none), k-cup coffee makers that were small (none), long sleeved t-shirts (none) and coffee mugs with handles and lids (none). Cost me $0 dollars!!! Then I went across the parking lot to the dollar store. It was gone. Windows covered in plastic. Even more money saved!

So I went right on to Popeye's to spend my savings. I bought 12 pieces and a biscuit. I ate the biscuit and will eat some today and freeze some for later.

I did forget to stop and get gas but I still have a half tank so no biggie. All in all a lovely trip. I thin I'm going to have a piece of chicken for lunch and then unpack this giant box and hope I can fit it into my cabinet.
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