Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Road Trip!

So... my printer that was supposed to be delivered yesterday was not. I called last night and talked to a customer service representative who, apparently, did not quite understand my wishes. Consequently, unlike what he told me, my package will NOT be delivered today but, instead is being held in Auburn, WA which is 30 minutes south of here.

I could fight their telephone system and try to get it delivered. Their online system does not allow this. And I have very little faith in their telephone system and their customer representatives. And, what the fuck, I've got the time, the car and the gas.

I had planned to go visit a fabric shop that is having a 10% off sale today but I'm thinking that this might be a cheaper alternative anyway. I am going to wait until I have finished my coffee and the rush hour traffic has dissipated a little.

I have a semi vestigial T-Mobile phone sim in a backup phone that I use mostly for a night stand clock. I forgot to turn the sound off. And it rang at 12:40 this morning. It has a voice mail message on it saying that if they want to get a hold of me they should call my real number. So, of course, my other phone rang when the first one didn't answer. I didn't answer either and neither rang again. No voice mail. I guess the crisis got solved without me.

The other todo today is to do group shots of the bears and dolls going out for adoption tomorrow morning. I think I'll do that now while I'm waiting for traffic to clear.
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