Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Fed Ex came, did not contact me at all, left a sticky 'door tag' note on the manager's door and took my printer away with them. I called and got a bad phone connection with an non English speaking customer service person who told me to go to Auburn after 6 pm. Auburn with zero traffic is 20 minutes from here. NFW.

I decided not to stress about it. I'll sign the tag note and leave it on the manager's door and hope the manager does not toss it and the Fed Ex guy sees it tomorrow or Friday. And if not, I'll just get my money back from Staples when they get the printer returned. At least I have copious tracking.

My sewing today is an experiment in color blocking. I had two pieces of solid color knit fabric that I had picked up cheap somewhere. Neither were big enough for a whole shirt and color blocking is 'in' so... I still have a sleeve to add and finishing. But, tomorrow's soon enough.

I finished listening to S Town. It was an interestingly told story but not nearly the level that its virality promised and kind of contrived in a semi-gotcha way that was annoying. I've heard much better stories, more artfully told via The Moth. But, now I'm totally up to speed and wiser about who to believe about podcast hype.

I put away the winter comforter today. I have a nice one for Spring and Fall and I installed it this morning with nice, clean sheets.

Ohhh Just got wind of two new trips by WanderingBearz and pink_halen. Following either one of these two (or BOTH!) is a treat. I get to 'go' to fascinating places because of them.

Another bear. (Oh, I did hear from the bear lady - she wants bears and dolls in hijabs on Friday. So yeah. The dolls and monsters will find a place. Pressure off til next month.)

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