Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Very random

I tried making my favorite pattern (shirt) from a non-knit fabric and finished it yesterday. It's ok boarding on not. I can't tell whether or not it will require ironing after a wash. If it does then Goodwill, here ya go.

My new color laser printer that was scheduled to arrive tomorrow is being delivered today! I'm hoping I can squeeze my deskjet into a spot on a shelf so that I can keep both going - at least while the deskjet still has ink.

I want a new single serve coffee pot. My current Keurig is taking up too much counter space and, I fear, getting ready to die. I'm not seeing a viable alternative. What I'm finding are as big, or bigger, or just more money than I want to spend. I may just go with the very smaller one that does not even have a water reservoir. It sits next to the sink anyway.

Last night I replied to a Tweet about the asshole that ruins my Mariner TV broadcast of every Tuesday home game. Turns out, I am not alone in these feelings. Seems like Mr. Full Of Himself has others who feel strongly and negatively about his contribution. Misery does, indeed, love company. But, in last night's case, it was fine. The Mariner's worked hard to get up to the level of suck - and failed.

Today we have an afternoon game.

Still no invoice - or insurance claim - for my March 22 doctor visit.

On Monday, I sent emails to the bear adoption lady and the Goodwill lady asking each if they were ok with my bringing over more bears/dolls/monsters this week. No replies from anyone. I hate hate hate the idea of having to find and beg other to take my donations. I think maybe if these two options die, I'll just bag 'em up and take them to the regular Goodwill donation center where they pretty much take anything and everything. I'm not sure why I'm so reluctant to do that anyway. It would be the easiest by far.
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