Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I just killed an entire hour setting up an app that shows the weather here and in Texas (my brother's weather), a clock and my calendar on my TV set. Murphy's law says now that I have it all fixed the way I want it, the asshat building manager will get the Front Door TV Network (my default screen of choice) back up probably today. Ha!

And it is so very luxurious to be able to kill an hour that way with no penalties. Retirement is the bomb, I'm tellin' ya.

It is now completely daylight when I leave the gym in the mornings - even on cloudy days. I've lived here for 25 years and still the length of days in the summer just amazes me every year.

It's home game Tuesday again tonight. The Mariners have an astonishing 4 game winning streak going so I really cannot not watch. But the idiot will be in the broadcast booth. What to do, what to do. But, seriously, 4 game winning streak. Nice.

Between now and then, I have no definitive plan. I have some errands I could run but aren't critical. I have some sewing I could do but don't feel like I really have to. I might do laundry. I might do some organizing. I might watch a movie and knit.

First I am going to make the bed and hang up my wet swimsuit.
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