Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I just read a tweet that reminded me - this time last year we had a week of 80 degree weather. UGH. I hate hot weather and my hot starts at 75 degrees. This time last year was just miserable. As it turned out, the Summer wasn't so bad but the early start ruined my already bad IHateSummer attitude. This year is much better.

My condo has a camera on the front door and I can watch the action on my TV. I keep the TV on the Front Door TV Network all day and love seeing the comings and goings. Except, the manager (aka not my favorite person) has now disabled it. He says it may be back on in June. This is the same asshat who's always telling us to never buzz in anyone we don't know. How the fuck can I see who it is without the camera, asshole? He annoys me so much.

I'm still chasing down an electrician. I have notes out to two now. I just got a reply asking me to confirm I was on the 4th floor which seems weird. Ok just got an email saying "Unfortunately, we are not able to do work exceeding the fourth floor."????? At least they gave me the name/number of someone who can.

I'm still waiting for the bill from my March doctor visit to hit the insurance so that it will generate an invoice to me. Our medical system is so fucked up.

It seems like, except for the weather, today is a pile of irritating crap. I need to fix that. None of these or the other non-mentioned irritations are critical or even really important. I need to let them all go and get back to Cheery Me.

On it.
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