Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Easter is my kind of holiday. Nothing that I want is closed or shut down but there is no one on the roads and the pool was nearly empty as was the rest of the gym. I like it when everyone else goes and does other stuff and leaves me to do the stuff I want sans crowds. Thank you, everyone else!

I finally broke down and started listening to S-Town. I was just tired of hearing everyone talk about how amazing it was but, not wanting to slip spoilers, not talking about what it was about. I'm now 2 and a half episodes in and, so far, I'm not getting it. So far it just seems like a podcast devoted to making Southern country people sound stupid. But, I'll more than likely keep listening.

I started putting the What Was It Like For You Growing Up series into a document. I tried several different options but finally figured out that just cutting and pasting into a document that I can then make public and PDF and do whatever I want to with, would be the best option. So, I'm compiling a few entries at a time. I have zero plans for it, however.

I've got nothing that really needs to happen today. There's a game at 1. I'll be watching that, but, otherwise, the other hours are, currently, up for grabs.
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