Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

More Saturday

The window boxes for the geraniums have been on top of the storage cupboards out on the terrace. They were very dusty and I totally forgot to put on a breathing mask and managed to give myself one of those horrible coughing fits. It was the first since I started my new inhaler. It was a really bad one BUT it didn't last nearly as long and zero after effects. So, ok.

I got the geraniums all situated and covered their dirt with moss and watered them and they look so cool.

When we were at the international grocery warehouse, I picked up a jar of what is really pimento Cheez Whiz. Finally, today, I got around to trying it. It's GOOD! I'm going to have to go back and get more. It would be wonderful for making my cheesy rice.

And then I bit by the patchwork bug again. I have this ottoman that I sit on every night for dinner, use as a table sometimes, store yarn in and the top has water and other stains on it. I kept trying to sponge/scrub them off with no luck so finally I just decided to cover them up! I'm happy with the result.

Also I finished a doll and finished a bear. Not a bad day at all.

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