Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Last night, the Mariners played a great game and won. I need to document since it's clear this is and will be a rarity.

Also last night I snagged a car for July. Turo has two methods, like Airbnb. Some cars you can just rent by clicking on RENT. Some cars you need confirmation from the owner. Said confirmation has to come in 8 hours. The one I picked yesterday never responded. So I had to pick another. This time I found a good one, not far from here who has and doesn't mind if I use, a parking space. So I can drive over, swap cars and then repeat 4 days later. And I'll have a four door, air conditioned Subaru for squiring my friends around town.

Next up, I need to find a birthday spot. Julie's 60th birthday is the day after they leave here (I think Canada is next on their tour). I want to find a fun place for a birthday meal/surprise. I'm thinking along the lines of the kind of place where the staff surrounds and sings but I don't know who does that. Wonder if Red Lobster does? Both Scott and Julie are fascinated by our chains - IHOP, Walmart, Penney's, Sears. I need to do some chain restaurant research. Oh wait, I think the Cheesecake Factory sings. Oh the Cheesecake Factory would blow their minds.

My swim this morning was good. The pool was not crowded at all. The guy who always swims on Sundays swam today which was weird but cool. As I got near the time I would usually have stopped, I got to a real good part in the book I'm listening to so I just kept on going. Swam an extra 15ish laps which was fine. No one was waiting.

I then headed out to find red geraniums. I figured Home Depot might have them but then I remembered this really really nice True Value right there by the pool and stopped there first. Yep. They had some lovely ones.

So today, there will be 'yard' work. In fact, I think I'll get on that right now.
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