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I worked on a doll I started and then came to the kitchen for water and spied the cassock that has a stained top and all of a sudden came up with an idea to cover it and went back to the sewing room and started that but then got distracted by lunch and then...

All day. And it's fine. I talked to one electrician who really annoyed me. I absolutely don't want him in my house. I sent out a request for a quote to another one. If I don't hear from them by Monday, I'll contact choice #3 who's all picked out.

I remembered that I need a car for July. Scott and Julie, friends from New Zealand, are coming for 4 days and I need to be able to fit them in my car. Plus, I need a place to store my car for those days so I can use my parking space for the rental car. I'm using Turo - private cars that people kind of air bnb out to other people. I did this last time and it worked out fine. I found a car that belongs to a guy in the next neighborhood over. Hopefully he'll be ok with my leaving my car in his parking place. I should find out tonight. There are others if he doesn't work out.

Also Scott reminded me that I wanted to get some red geraniums this year. I have nice little holders that hook onto the terrace railings and geraniums like to be snug in their pots so I just buy the pots and put them, pot and all, in holders and I have bright red flowers all summer. I'll stop at Home Depot on the way home from the pool in the morning. I even remembered to measure the holders.

Baseball tonight. Here's a bear from last night.

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