Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Not Yeah but not Meh

I can't get going today. Except, I think, since I started swimming early, I feel this about this time every day. I get home from the pool a little before 7 and have breakfast, coffee and internet. And then just start piddling around not doing anything, thinking I should do something, but not doing it and then remembering I'm retired and I don't have to do anything but still feeling like I should not be wasting this opportunity meanwhile while cycling through all this another 20 minutes gets burned and I'm back to square one.

Every morning. I need to get a new plan or get happy with this one.

This morning's 'work' included chasing down the bill for the appointment with Dr. Lung. Apparently no one is in a hurry to get paid. The clinic is waiting for the insurance company who is waiting for the clinic. ?? The federal government will be dipping into my checking account next Tuesday for $5000 in taxes. I'll be glad when that's done and I can go back to thinking that my own cash is my own cash.

My regular doctor wants me to make an appointment for my annual checkup. I'm really not up for it. I will but I'm in no hurry.

Also in no hurry but thinking I'm ready for an electrician. I have one outlet in the bedroom which only works when you press it hard against the wall and no one jostles it. Not too efficient or probably safe. Plus I want an additional outlet added to the full bath and maybe the half bath. I dropped the building manager a note asking for his recommendation of who to call. I can find one easily enough but if I get his favorite that's kind of insurance. If something goes wrong, it will go down more easily and someone who works in this building a lot is possibly more likely to ensure nothing goes wrong.

I think once I get off my ass today, I'll do some doll making, bear knitting and baseball watching ... eventually.
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