Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I was 15 minutes later to the pool this morning and there was nobody there. One of the regulars came in and did her 30 minutes and that was it. It was my private pool. The rest of the gym was kind of empty, too. Pre-Easter? End of Spring break? Who knows. It was nice.

Thankgod for the Blue Jays. They are the only thing standing between the Mariners and the title of Worst Record in Baseball so far this year. Sooooo depressing. Last night, they blew another healthy lead. They are not playing to day which is a blessing.

I bought a new printer this morning. My current printer is still working but it's an old ink jet and, honestly, I expect it to die any day now - probably right after I replace both of the cartridges ($35-40 for the pair). Staples has a color laser all in one on special for $129 and free shipping. It has excellent reviews and does what I need (wifi, scan, print nicely). The toner replacement package which will last way longer than the inkjet ink cartridges is available for $45. And I can return it easily if I don't like it. Oh and it fits on my printer shelf and is black so will disappear into the dark there. So I bought it.

Ladies who lunch...

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