Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I started listening to a new book while swimming this morning - If Our Bodies Could Talk by James Hamblin. So far it's a great swim book. Interesting without being distracting.

Today is house cleaner day. I'm hitting the road for at least part of it. I plan on at least one grocery store stop and maybe a couple. If she's late enough, I might even stop somewhere for lunch.

I need to come up with a new breakfast routine. I've been on a scrambled egg burrito kick for the last few months. But, I'm getting tired of it. I'm generally starving when I get home from swimming but I don't want to take the time to actually make anything. I will nuke while the coffee's brewing but that's the extent of my patience. Maybe this afternoon I'll make some sausage quiche/muffins and try those for a few days.

Zoey is playing dog/cat again. She standing here giving me forehead nuggies and trying to get her nose under my typing hand. While purring up a storm. This after she pushed the bathroom water cup (with water in it) off the counter and tried to push her food dish off the kitchen counter (thank you rubber bottom!). Oh and knocked my swim bag off the table. I think she's trying to garner points with the Cat Union so she can feel free to pretend she's a dog. Everyone has an agenda...

Ok, time to tour the house and make sure everything is picked up and put away so the house cleaner can really clean. And then I think I'll make a doll while I wait for her to get here.
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