Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The rest of Tuesday

19 days ago, I started on a new inhaler for my COPD. Today, for the first time in I'm not exactly sure when, I walked over to the International District without thinking about my breathing one single little bit. My back, which also often aches when I walk more than 50 yards (the back thing is because I'm fat and lazy) did not even so much as twinge. It was really different and nice. Especially since I have not really been good about getting out and walking and have spent most days just here in the condo walking between the sewing room and TV chair with a daily dip down to get the mail.

So. Yeah. I am, I think, maybe coughing a little more but not horribly and easy breathing is worth the price.

I got some fabric washed and ready to sew into something and when digging that out, I found some I'd forgotten about and made a shirt out of it. And then did the rest of the laundry and a little rearranging on the closet. I need to do a big rearranging and/or take a shit load of it to Goodwill. It's really a mess. I have a hard time parting with stuff that is Ok. I need to learn to keep only Very Excellent and give all the OK and less to Goodwill. That would help the closet situation considerably.

I got a lot of little stuff done. Nice day.

I'm having fried okra for dinner tonight. The housecleaner comes tomorrow so I can feel free to make a mess in the kitchen. Plus I'm trying to clean out the freezer.
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