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At the time I had no idea but the reality is that I grew up with great privilege. I did not come close to understanding it until I went off to college. For many years as an adult, I had a recurring dream where I found myself at a college or university somewhere. It was all paid for so free to me and I could take any classes I wanted in any discipline. In the dream, I feel like this is the most wonderful, magical thing ever.

That is exactly what I had for four whole years. I enjoyed my college years but took nearly everything about them for granted and, like my private high school education, I wasted so very much. Starting with picking the school.

My parents gave me a geographical limits - basically a 500-ish mile radius from Winston-Salem. Other than that, if I could get in, they would pay for it. Period. South was out. Too hot. West was out. Too many relatives. East was out. Too wet. So North. Co-ed was a requirement. I had a big book of colleges and started perusing. Alphabetically.

Bethany and Bucknell were about it. I was pretty sure I could get into the former and as sure I'd never be accepted at the second. Mom threw in Mulenberg and then fired up the car for a Meet The College trip.

Bucknell was seriously beautiful in every way. Rolling green hills with massive trees and iconic buildings and the nicest people ever. But clearly out of my league. Plus their application was about an inch thick.

Bethany was attractive if only because it was the farthest away tucked in to the west of Pittsburgh at the end of a very windy road in the panhandle of West Virginia. They were happy to have me and their application was 2 pages.

Muhlenberg was in the middle and kind of a yawn BUT it was in Allentown, PA which had the greatest department store. Hess Brothers was an amazing store. I could have spent 4 years in it! And they had this wonderful in store tea room. Mom and I had a wonderful day there. I had lobster newburg for lunch. (Yep, I always remember the critical details.)

I actually applied to Muhlenberg and Bethany and was accepted by Bethany immediately. Mulenburg put me on a wait list but, you know, you snooze, you lose. I told Bethany, I'd be there in September.

So now I just needed to graduate from high school and pack my shit.

To Be Continued
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