Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
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Someone added me to their friends' list this morning and in checking out their journal, I discovered their style was really pleasing and not one I'd seen before so I went to the LJ style page and found a new one for me and I love it. I'm also using it for reading the entries of others ( vs. It's fun like getting new pair of eveyday sneakers.

I just saw my next door neighbor - on Front Door TV Network - being escorted out on a stretcher! His wife was with him and he was sitting up so I think whatever it was wasn't fatal but yikes! Fred and his wife, Sue, mostly use their unit for their insurance business. But they sometimes spend the night when they have Mariner tickets which I am sure they do for today's game. Poor Fred! This may be the first season opener he has ever missed. They bought that unit maybe 20 years ago. One time he stood on his terrace (next door to mine) over looking the International District and pointed to an old old building there with the words HOTEL still in faint paint and he told me that's where he was born. His parents had an apartment in it. He's probably 55/60 years old. Wild. I hope he's ok.

I keep seeing that today is National Siblings Day. I think these National FillInTheBlank Days are really silly but Twitter won't let it go. My best sibling is on a plane right now going home from what seemed - from pictures and reports - a perfectly wonderful and way too short trip to Jacksonville, FL to a blue grass festival.

My other sibling is my sister. The opposite end of the sibling stick. I have not seen or talked to her in a dozen years. My choice (although, I don't think she minds at all). We never really got along ever. We kinda tried to at least not scratch each others eyes out while my parents were alive. But after they died, I made the conscious decision that my life would be richer, better, easier and happier without her in it. And I made it happen. My brother touches base with her every couple of years so we kinda know she's alive.

So while I was initially really disappointed not to be an only child, I am really grateful for my brother. So Happy National Sibling(s) Day.

It's pouring rain out. Perfect for the Mariners home opener.
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