Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Live Journal housekeeping

I'm so sorry to see that so many are leaving Live Journal. As the announcements are made in their journal, I am removing them from my friends list. Over the years, the list of people whose journal I follow has gotten unwieldy. Most have not posted anything for years. I trying a bit of cleanup.

As 99% of my own journal is available to anyone on the internet, this cleanup should not have any affect on anyone else. But, I thought I'd explain it in case someone got an 'unfriend' message that confused them.

I'm not going anywhere. I have a difficult time believing that the Russians care enough to interfere with my life and my own beliefs are compromised every day in every way and where they do not mesh with with Russians is just too insignificant to even blip on the radar.

I've been on Live Journal now for more than 15 years and 20,000 entries. I'm here for the journal and the community. I hope the latter lives on but I'm confident the journal will.

I always have and still do welcome any and all who would like to add me to their friends list. No asking needed, just do it. I will do the same. Also, if you decide my entries are too many, too dull, too whatever for your friends list, just unfriend me. No explains necessary. Really.

And now, we take you back to your regular programming.
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