Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Favorite swear word

I go to Fuck! for quick release. But, when I'm sitting crosslegged and dump a plate of hot scrambled eggs and english muffins into my lap and upholstered chair, burning my feet, I have to go to a higher power - MOTHERFUCKER! Moving on.

The pool was packed this morning and the rest of the gym was nearly empty. Weird. But the water temperature was even better than yesterday. I had a really nice swim.

Mariner baseball is showing signs of tanking again this year. This is the only major league team to never ever, not even once, play in a World Series. Some years have been more fun than others. Last year turned out to be pretty fun. But most years are horrible and this year, so far, seems to be shooting for horrible. Why oh why don't I get a different team and/or sport??!!

Just saw this tweet:

On Thursday, the cheapest M's home opener seats on Seat Geek were $40 bleacher seats (after fees). Today? $28 for view seats.

ljtourist and I are on the lookout for a fabulous deal on Diamond Tickets (special clubhouse with gourmet food and wait service with excellent seats). Looks like we'll soon get a nice pile to pick from. Today's loss starts at noon.

Right now, I think I'll go clean up the kitchen and then get to the Monster Factory.
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