Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Goldilocks pool

Finally. The pool this morning wasn't too cold and wasn't too hot and wasn't even crowded for most of my swim. It was just lovely. Actually, I had the pool to myself for the first 25 minutes. I finished the book I've been listening to and then finished the swim listening to music. It was really the best.

I think the pool was empty because the schools are out for Spring Break. I think I'm going to test this and stop getting up at 4:30 to swim. I think I'm going back to no alarm, waking up whenever I wake up and going to the pool then. This will work fine unless traffic kills it. Worth a test.

After my swim I drove to the tire place where the very nicest guy checked and 'aired' my tires and the nagging light went right to sleep. (The tire guy, btw, was really cute and he wore black plastic gloves. First time I've ever seen that and as a fan of clean fingernails, I applaud his efforts.)

Then it was on to Trader Joe's. I love the yoyo yogurt with toppings. Particularly the one with crunched up oreos on vanilla yogurt. But it comes in such teensy weensy cups. Then I realized I could make my own toppings. I looked around for ideas and found chocolate and nut covered toffee. And realized I had some at home. So I'm going to smash a bunch of that up for yogurt icing. I bought the yogurt so now I'm all set. Yum.

There will be more monster sewing today and whatever else happens to happen. Now I need to feed this damn cat and put the yogurt in the fridge.
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