Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I made another shirt and on this one I totally nailed the neck. So whew. It's just a plain gray long sleeved t-shirt but it fits me perfectly and it has a great neck. I think I have enough Spring shirts now. I probably need some more Summer ones but I'll wait til we get there.

When I started the monsters, I had a large bag and a smaller drawer of felt scraps. I now have most of the smaller drawer full. Maybe enough for two more monsters. I finished making the fabric for one of those two this afternoon. I'll make the actual monster tomorrow.

I also made the Costco run and remembered to get gas. Go me!

We're having a bit of a windstorm here this afternoon. The drapes out on my terrace that hide my storage cabinets are flapping around pretty sincerely. Oh, Twitter just told me the wind advisory is on til 1 am.

The neighborhood is gearing up for the Monster Energy Motor Cross event tomorrow night. Lots of shiny big rigs and event tents set up (assuming those event tents will either be taken down here pretty soon or be blown away.

Tomorrow I need to take the car to the tire place. It's right next to the gym. My dash board says the tires need air. It's been about 4 months so kind of right on schedule. Then I'll stop in Trader Joe's and maybe Safeway. All week now I go by right by these places but they aren't open yet. So I end up doing errands on weekends just like if I had a real job again.
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