Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


The way too cold pool was, of course, way too hot this morning. It's freaky to sweat while you swim. I debated whether or not to complain and finally decided to go ahead and let the front desk girl know. I rode down the elevator with Bridget, the cleaner, and she said that in the hour that the gym had been open this morning, mine was the third complaint about the pool being too warm. That means the two people who finished their swim in front of me, stopped to let her know, too. Which, hopefully, means they will fix it.

I think it's off to Costco today. I need meat and one other thing. I cannot, right now, remember the other thing but the meat need is great enough so it won't be a wasted trip if I never remember. I think I'll plan to be there when they open. But that's at 10 and it's just now 8:20.

I have another shirt cut out and ready to assemble. I'm wearing the one I made yesterday. It's not as bad as I thought. There may be other sewing as well.

The Mariners finally won last night. Finally.
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