Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Some days, at the sewing machine, you can do something you've done a million times before only this time is goes horribly wrong. I have this shirt pattern that I've now made, in one variation or the other, about 20 times. Today I could not get the neck right to save my soul. I did it twice and un did it twice. Then I tried a different way and had to undo that. Finally I did one that only barely rises to the level of Doesn't Suck.

Happily, I pulled two fabrics out of my stash this morning and started with the fabric I like the least and probably would never use for anything else. It's some crap I got online when I thought I was ordering something else. And the reason it didn't work right was because it's crap.

I'm going to cut the same pattern out of the other fabric and I'm pretty sure the results will be way better.

My new tablet arrived. Amazon sent it with zero juice on the battery. That's kind of tacky. And a little confusing since it won't turn off without some power or battery. But it soon charged enough for me to get into it and get it set up and get my Google stuff loaded on so I can use the play store and Chrome.

I ordered a cheap case for it that I'm actually very tickled with. I prefer tablet cases that wake up the tablet when you flip them open and flip open easily BUT the cheapest Fire does not have that smart wake function and I plan on carrying this one around the house so I need a case that can't fall open and has an actual fastener. The one I got is perfect. It has a fat bezel that protects the screen, too.

I got this Fire

I added 32 GB of storage via this card

And I got this case

I loaded in all the recipe and kitchen notes I have on hand and all the patterns that I reference. All is good in tablet land.

I finished this bear this afternoon and this monster this morning before the whole shirt festuche.

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