Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Back in the saddle again...

I went back to the West Seattle LA Fitness today and, indeed, the pool was fixed. One of the regulars was there and she said she swam while it was broken. This is a woman with less than zero body fat (while I have enough to wrap her and all her friends). I cannot imagine. I swim for fun, not for frigid. It was really nice to have travel time cut in half.

It's getting warmer. I've been wearing fleece tops all winter but this morning I went to the stack of long sleeved t-shirts and found one I made last year that I forgot about. I made it as a test out of two different scraps of elcheapo fabric I got at Walmart. Turns out the test was a success. I'm wearing it now and I love it. I need to make another one. I may do that today.

Baseball, so far this year, has been a bit disappointing... We've played 3 games. We lost two without really making a dent. Last night we lost in the 12th inning. I'm trying to be happy that it's baseball season, that we even have baseball to watch, but it's not easy this week. So far.

Ok so now my coffee is gone and I've frittered away enough of this morning. Time to get to work!
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