Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Every day now, the pool at the Ballard LA Fitness is packed and I have seen people waiting their turn on the side of the pool every day. At the West Seattle LA Fitness, I've seen people waiting their turn maybe 3 times in the 3 years it's been open. So far, it hasn't been me waiting. My getting their early helps. Today's swim was a bit of a slog but still nice. The book, I'm listening to (Kidder's Truck Full of Money) is interesting but not fascinating, perfect for swimming but I think I only have one more swim before I finish it.

Amazon refunded my money on the order from the scam sellers without my even having to file a claim! The order still shows a delivery window that doesn't close until a week from tomorrow and Amazon's rules say you can't even complain until after that date. And, yet, the refund is in my credit card already. Nice. I love Amazon. I wish they would go ahead and open up their grocery pick up service. Take more of my money, Amazon!! New tablet comes tomorrow.

Last year my doctor turned me on to Cerave lotion for my dry skin and it's been a life changer. I spent some miserable months last year with constant itchy skin. Now I slather on Cerave every morning after my swim and the itch is gone. A couple of weeks ago, I saw an article on Cerave creme and why Cerave is different. So I got some of it. In that jar but with a pump (thanks, Amazon) and now, several times a day, I've been pumping a tiny bit onto my hands. It is so not greasy that I can go right back to the keyboard, sewing or knitting without issue. And my hands are really getting nice. They are losing their old lady wrinkly look and they feel good. Kind of amazing.

It's another gray, kind of drippy day out and I'm grateful. Soon enough it will be dry with full sun and everyone but me will celebrate. I love the cool, rainy-ish days and especially the cloudy ones. I heard a weather person on TV last night say that by this time last year we had already seen several days with temperatures in the 70s. This year we've only been up to 60 one time so far. I'm sorry for everyone else but delighted for me.

I'm on the way back to the sewing room now. My neoprene swim gloves need a slight fix and then it's on to monsters and dolls.
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