Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Monster du jour

There is a lot more continuous sewing with the monsters than with the dolls. The dolls require a variety of activities. The monsters, it's just pretty much sew sew sew so... my back takes a beating. I was going to assemble a doll after I finished the monster but my lower back said 'not so fast...'

So I took a walk down to take out some trash and get the mail instead. And I spent some time with my massager machine on my back. I think I'll live.

I'm actually making a vast dent into my felt stash. I think I maybe only have 2 or 3 monsters worth left.

I called the gym just now to find out about the pool heater. A very sad girl answer the phone. I say sad because she sounded like she was about to die from boredom. I hate to lose kids that way but what are you going to do?? Anyway, she said, without conviction (or probably even any real information) that the pool would be fixed tomorrow. And, I expect, there will also be excellent surfing off the beach in Oklahoma about that time, too.

The baseball game is at 5 this afternoon. Yesterday was a miserably loss. It would be funner if they won.

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