Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Online changes

I just read that our second best neighborhood blog is shutting down (going on indefinite hiatus actually) and I'm really bummed about that. It was a really good source for finding out stuff about the goings on in a giant part of town. And, there's really no other decent source for that info.

And then there's the LJ abandonment. So many of the people on my friends list have announced that they are leaving. I'm really bummed about that. I love reading about the days and thoughts of all the different people I've met here. I will miss those who leave. I still miss all those who went to Facebook lo those many years ago.

I do have a Dreamwidth account that I set up years ago. I even set it up to crosspost here but abandoned it after a couple of tries. I went back this morning to see if I could get re-engaged but, no. I'm an LJer for good or bad until the end.

This morning I got up at 4:40 and got to the gym about 2 minutes before they opened. The pool was packed pretty soon after I got in and, for a time, had a queue. There is one very old Asian man who swims every single morning. He uses a swim snorkel and hand paddles and hugs the wall and is way slower than I am. He swims for about 50 minutes. I love sharing a lane with him. He's insurance that an asshole won't hop into my lane, he stays on his side exclusively and he makes me feel like a speed swimmer. This morning I got there first and was sitting on the edge before I got into the water - in his lane but on 'my' side. When he got there I purposefully scooted way over to let him know his side was available and I was rewarded with a giant grin. It was cute and fun.

There's a lot to like about the Ballard pool. I hate the drive and I wish it weren't so crowded but I am glad to have a place to swim. If the location closer to me can't keep their pool operational, I'm grateful to have a pretty darned workable Plan B pool.

The condo unit across the hall went on sale last month for 475,000. It was on the market for less than a week. I found out this morning, it sold for 599,000 and it must have been a cash sale cause they closed in less than 3 weeks.

Finally, Amazon dropped the price of it's low end tablet to $39 this morning so I snagged another one. This one I will use as my traveling tablet. Recipes in the kitchen, notes around the house, TV casting of various things, knitting and sewing instructions. And, maybe even some ad hoc book reading. All my other tablets are tethered to rooms/outlet/specific chores/operations. This one will be my utility infielder.

The city of Seattle currently has the highest sales tax rate in the country and our mayor is, this morning, proposing to increase it. The man is on crack. I swear. He replaced an idiot and I now I think he's trying to match that idiot bonehead move for bonehead move.

Ok, time now to get this day going! I have a new idea for felt piecing...
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