Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Since I stopped keeping meticulous track of every penny I spent for four months, I've really fallen off the keep track wagon. I had taken to paying bills on Sundays - paying my credit cards down to 0, and just generally checking all my accounts and bills every Sunday night. Last week, I just neglected it all. I think the big tax bill just sucked the fun out of it.

But, today is payday and so I focused. I moved the needed funds into the account the IRS will hit on 4/18. And then reconciled my credit cards and paid the balance on each. Things feel very much more sorted now. My rainy day fund is hoping for clear skies for a month or two, plz.

The pool was packed this morning with a queue. I feel badly for the people who make it to the pool before 6 am and have to kill 10 or 15 minutes waiting for an open lane. That's the pits. I think I'm going to move up my time. If I get there right when they open, I'll be out by 6:15 and at least open up one lane faster. Plus, I won't run the risk of getting there and having no open lane.

My 'summer' begins today with baseball season. Tonight is also the Home Owner Association meeting. So I think I'll watch the beginning of the first game at 5 - to see how Houston does opening day - and then let TiVo take over while I spend 6-7 at the meeting. After the meeting, I'll watch the rest of the game. Should work out fine.

Now, I think I'll go sew for a while.

Oh here's a bear from last night.

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