Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Sunday morning

I miscalculated this morning and left for the pool too early. I got there at 7:30 and it doesn't open until 8 except... when I got there, it had opened early!! That would have been handy yesterday. Today it really didn't matter but it was nice not to have to cool my heels in the parking garage for 30 mins. I did have a great swim.

I stopped at Trader Joe's, which is next door, after and picked up a couple of things. One was some cartons of their Greek Vanilla Bean whole Milk yogurt. I just had some while catching up on LJ and OMG is it ever delicious! Now I'm sad that I only got 3 and one is gone. Oh well. I'll get more next weekend if my yogurt jones is still working.

There is no baseball today so my plan is to catch up on my podcasts in the sewing room. I want to start a new monster and I have a couple of dolls cut out and ready to assemble. Today I wore the suit I fixed yesterday and the fix worked perfectly. Also wore my new croc socks. It takes a couple of days' worth of wearing to get them right but I think they will be fine. It's so rewarding to be able to fix and make stuff - especially stuff that you cannot buy anywhere so would be without if you couldn't make it.

My brother sent me a link to an interesting NY Times piece - The Strange Persistence of Guilt. It made my brain hurt to read and understand it. My reply to him was something I've been thinking about a lot lately:

Interesting and think-y. I split my time between really trying to noodle out why people are thinking and saying the things they are and what's behind it and how it's ever going lead us to where I think we need to be as humanity and being ever so grateful that I only have, at best, 10 more years of this shit - I hope.

I understand, especially as I get closer, that I could live into my 80's but, frankly, that seems a bit greedy and unnecessary.

But, I do plan to squeeze out the best of today. Starting now!
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