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So elementary school was grades 1-6 (ages 6-13). And then it was on to Junior HIgh School for 3 years - grades 7-9. In elementary school you had one classroom and one teacher all day long. In Junior High School you had a 4 hour block of general stuff and then you spent the rest of the day in different rooms and different subjects. I can not remember a lot of details because I hated it so very much. I hated nearly everything about it.

Like the elementary school, the student body was collected geographically with no choice. Mainly they took the populations from about 3 or 4 elementary schools and mashed them all together for Junior High. So you were going to school with some new kids and some friends. This was mildly interesting. I met my first delinquents. But, I still hated it all.

The ONLY subject I enjoyed and the only subject I was really any good at was diagramming sentences. For some reason, I was fascinated to learn how sentences were built. I loved the rules. I loved using a ruler and drawing those lovely straight lines connecting all the bits together. I was a whiz kid in sentence parsing. Now, the only use I have for the skill is to look down my nose at all of those fragrant violators on TV, on the radio, in podcasts and, of course online. I try not to, because who the fuck cares? But, I'm rarely successful because they are breaking rules!!

I was in Junior High for two years - 7th and 8th grades. My parents were getting increasingly concerned at my lack of education. I consistently garnered teacher comments like 'not working at her full potential' to go along with mostly very crappy grades. Sure I was going to get married and have kids and never really need a job but, still, I did have to get into college to get a decent husband and with my grades... ugh.

Towards the end of the 8th grade, my Mom asked me one day if I wanted to go to a private all girls school for high school and start with the 9th grade. (The public high school was grades 10, 11 and 12.) I honestly did not care. School sucked. What difference did it make which one? But, yeah, I'll give it a go. Sign me up.

So she did and I went to Salem Academy for Females entering in the 9th grade and - spoiler alert - graduating after years.

It was mostly a boarding school with a handful of day students. (I think it was 130ish students total with 20ish day students.) I was a day student. I never met anyone there before the day I walked in. All white, all Christian protestant, all girls. The only man was a part time religion teacher. This joint was all vaginas all the time. Which was honestly not a big deal one way or the other for me. Also most of the students were rich kids. Katie's Mom was the dietitian and there were a couple of others there via non-traditional means. I was on the low end of the economic scale. Most of the girls were really rich kids. But, honestly, that was not a big deal either.

What was a big deal was study. Unlike public Junior High, these people were serious. There were no delinquents. The women who taught us were mostly old and had heard it all and had zero patience with any shenanigans or excuses. I was fucked.

To Be Continued
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