Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I headed off to Ballard for a swim this morning. The Ballard gym sometimes opens early, like 7:30 but not today. And, plus, I'd totally forgotten they have an aqua fit class at 9. So my swim was crowded and the aqua fit people started invading the pool at 8:45. I managed to get 55 minutes of my hour in but it was not a particularly fun swim. I need to find another option for Saturdays. There's a city pool just north of downtown that has a 7:30-9 lap swim. I suspect it's crowded but they do have circle swim with speed designated lanes so not too terrible. Also I have one more free pass at the pricey gym with the too short pool. It's too short but not too crowded. Also, maybe... just maybe... they might fix my pool.

After my swim, I headed out for breakfast. Ballard is eat up with hipster brunch places but a lot of them don't open til 10 and are just too precious when they do open. Plus none really smacked me up the Must Go There head. I drove down a couple of streets to see what was open and finally just pulled into a diner-y place I'd been to before and it was perfect. A very delicious omelette with lots of hot coffee and quiet. Perfect.

Then on to the grocery store when I remembered to check my list and only forgot two items - neither of which actually made it to the list.

Now I'm home. The last Spring Training game starts today in about 20 minutes. No baseball at all tomorrow and then the Season Opener on Monday.

My plan is to sew while I watch the game. Monsters probably.
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