Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Friday stuff

The pool is not fixed yet. 'The pool guy is there now but probably he can't fix it so he'll be back on Monday so call back in an hour or on Monday'. Fuckyouverymuch. I sent an email expressing my feelings to LA Fitness HQ. I explained that coming on the heels of not having a pool in December because of heating issues, this business about not having one 3 months later is even more ridiculous. Seems like this is a problem they should be able to solve.

Meanwhile at least I have Ballard.

I've tried more international goodies. I have to say the snacks from Israel that I got from Universal Yums were mostly disappointing. And after Italy was so delicious. But, the stuff I picked up from the DK Market yesterday turns out to be full of winners. I got some cheese crackers from Indonesia and they are quite delicious. ljtourist found this interesting candy - chocolate with tortilla chips.

The first bite was iffy. But the second bite led to the third... Finally I had to get up and put the rest in a place where I could at least not vacuum them down right this minute. I still have a couple of more kinds of cookies I haven't even open yet. Good haul!

Humana has shipped my new inhaler out. Not bad at all. I sent an email to the doctor on Monday asking for the prescription. There are a couple of extra hoops that a new prescription has to go through so even with those, they managed to get it to the post office today and I have a tracking number. Kind of impressive. I don't need it for a couple of weeks but it's nice not to worry about it any more.

Their pharmacy website situation is kind of a security mess. My credentials don't work unless I log into the main humana site first. Their email notification is very spotty so I have to log on a couple of times a day to make sure they don't need an approval and/or something else. They have a capcha is a nightmare. BUT, at least I don't have to talk to a person and I got the job done.

I made a couple of dolls. The doll hair is cut out of sheets of felt. I have now 15 months of felt scraps. The bits left over after I cut the hair out. It's a lot of felt scraps and the pile has been bugging me. So today, I tried a couple of things and I think I have hit on maybe a winner. I have always loved stuffed felt monster dolls. My scraps aren't big enough to make one but today I finally figured out a feasible way to piece them together to make pieces big enough! I got the pieces all made and the arms and legs made and stuffed. I'm excited. It would be sooo cool to be able to make fun things out of the scraps.

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