Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I wore my newest swim suit this morning. I'd worn it once before and it was fine, but this morning, it rubbed me raw. As it rubbed I remembered that I had figured out a new, better way to attach the elastic around the armholes and forgotten to use that new way with this suit. Ouch.

Happily, I know someone who will be glad to fix the problem and it's an easy fix.:). Also this morning, I will make a BIG RED note on my pattern not to forget again.

Otherwise it was a good swim. The Ballard LA Fitness pool has several every single day swimmers between the hours of 5-6:30. I'm the only one at the West Seattle LA Fitness. I will be calling again this afternoon in hopes they have fixed the heater this morning and I can go back. I'm guessing there will be some issue or another and it will be Tuesday at the earliest. There are lots of brunch places in Ballard so it won't be a wasted weekend anyway.

I also started another book while I swam this morning. Tracy Kidder's A Truck Full of Money. And a new book last night - The 500 by Matthew Quirk. If the Kickstarter project I backed comes through, I'll be able to listen to one book while swimming and then pick it up where I left off on my phone at night and vice versa. This will be a little more handy.

I ordered something on Amazon a few weeks ago that I realized after the fact, was from a fake seller. I sent a cancel request immediately but, of course, since it was a fake seller, there was nothing to cancel. I should have done due diligence before I ordered but I was shiny objected into clicking buy without thinking. Now I have to wait until April 14 to file a claim. It's only $50 but, more costly, is the shame of doing something so stupid that is the real cost. And I now have to live with that for two more weeks. Ugh.

And, speaking of ugh. In addition to the $80 a year addition to our license plate fees, the malformed and ill planned transit vote last year is raising our sales tax on Saturday. We now will pay 10.1% sales tax on every fucking single thing (well, except food). Talking about living with bad decisions...

I feel like I am being taxed every way to Sunday this year. And, I'm not too impressed with what those taxes are buying.


Nothing big on tap today. I could use some salad fixings but I can also wait until tomorrow which is what will probably happen.
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