Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I was right

The Ballard LA Fitness is 5 miles from here (my usual one in West Seattle is 3.5). BUT, at 5 am, it hardly matters. No traffic and green lights. Easy peasy. A good thing since I'll be going back at least tomorrow and maybe/probably into next week.

I swam good and hard. I hit my daily fitness goal with just that swim (so yeah, I should raise the goal but probably I'm not gonna). I'm guessing LA Fitness corporate must have laid down some kind of major Towel Edict. At the Ballard gym, they have a sign that says towel service is NOT complimentary for those whose membership is paid by insurance (moi). It further notes that you can sign to pay for towel service. Thanks, I'll bring my own. No biggie except annoying.

On the up side, the woman at the front desk, who, if she has ever seen me before it was last December, asked on my way out 'did you have a nice swim?'. Ok 1. how did she know I swam? and 2. wow. at my usual LA Fitness they ignore me and if not, just leave me with the impression that they are happy to see me leave.

Today I have no plans. There isn't even a baseball game. There will be sewing for sure. I need to line up a new book for nightly listening. I finished one last night. I need to recharge my swimming iPod and load a book onto it. A day of little chores. I'm up for it.
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