Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Salty Swim

I really enjoyed my swim at The Seattle Athletic Club this morning. At 5 am, there's not a lot of traffic and a whole lot of on street parking spots. Easy breasy. And the front door people are so nice and bright and cheery and look you right in the eye like it matters to them that you are there. It's not a big thing but it really puts a lovely color on the whole experience.

The only great thing about the pool is that it is salt water. It's 5 yards shorter than my pool and really that 5 yards is kind of important. I felt like all I did was touch the wall and turn, touch the wall and turn ... And the pebble pool surround is not skin friendly.

But, it was not freezing cold and I did have a really nice swim. The locker room is where this gym shines. It is so clean! And full of everything you could want, even q-tips. And so peacefully quiet. (LA Fitness always has annoying ads going over the speakers and sometimes the TV's are on, too - so musak with ads AND TV sound. At the same time. NOT even remotely fun.)

Coming home there still was no traffic. I got 15 minutes extra swim in the same amount of time. Way more fun to swim than sit in traffic.

If that pool was 5 yards longer, I'd seriously consider buying one of those pricey memberships.

Today is house cleaner day and so I'm hitting the road.ljtourist and I are going to check out the new IKEA and then 'do' lunch at the Popeye's near there. Plus hit up an international grocery near the Popeye's. It's an adventure!

But I have a couple of hours before time to leave so I think I'll go do something :)

Here's a bear that got finished last night.

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