Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Broken sensor

Well, so far, at least this isn't December. The first week of December last year the pool heater broke and nearly every single day until January, I'd call the gym and be told it would be fixed in a couple of days. Except for the first week. The first week they said 'oh, is the pool too cold? We didn't know. We'll look into it.' Every fucking day.

I just called for an update on this current issue and the guy that answered was right with the program. He told me a sensor was broken and it would be replaced tomorrow morning but the pool would still be cold until probably Thursday morning. 1. Beats the hell out of blowing smoke up my swim suit and 2. Assuming he's not lying, it's reasonable and understandable and excusable. Tomorrow morning I'll swim at the other gym and then tomorrow afternoon I'll call tomorrow afternoon but I'm hopeful.

I ordered Zoey some of the cat food she's currently in love with. It was scheduled for delivery today. She drove me bonkers wanting food this morning. She has dry food but she wants the good stuff and she was relentless. I knew if I cracked open a serving of the stuff I have on hand, she would sniff and go right back to bugging me. Finally, the mail carrier came with the food and where is she? In the closet in her nap spot. I think she wore herself out begging. She has turned into the pickiest of eaters. And I'm the enablist of enablers.

I did two loads of laundry and otherwise just kind of piddled the day away for fun. I did make one doll.

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