Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Yesterday, the pool was cool. Way cooler than normal. I didn't mind. I like it cool. Today, the pool was cold - very. Like it took 100 yards before I could even breathe normally. And, for the entire 60+ minutes I was in the water, it felt cold. There is a regular who's been swimming at the gym for as long as I have. Last December when the pool heater was broken, I ran into him at the Ballard gym. He said the pool would be fixed the next day and it was! I haven't seen him in a while but he was there today and we both agreed things were broken again. I told him to please fix it again. He said he'd get his people right on it.

I stopped on the way out and told the front desk woman about the problem and she at least looked at me and acknowledged that she understood and would alert her manager when he got in at 9. On the up side, there is an aqua fitness class at 9. Those women will raise holy hell.

I can't believe we are going through this again. I'm going to call them later this afternoon for an update but I do have a free day pass for March for the fancy, expensive club downtown. I think I'll be using that tomorrow.

In any event, I 'm not going to freak out this time. I have the Ballard pool and the March one day pass to the fancy place plus I have one for April, too. I have the city pools for back up. They will not stress me out like they did in December.

In other news of the day, the Amazon Fresh pick up signs were uncovered and lit up this morning. I stopped to grab photos. They've moved into the old Sears store in the same building as Starbucks HQ. You order online and then drive through and they load up your car. Amazon Fresh delivery is $15 a month but Amazon Fresh pick up is free to Prime members. And, there's no minimum. I can see using this service fairly frequently. It's the closest general purpose grocery to me by a long shot.

And speaking of closest to me, the Mariners posted the coolest aerial shot of my neighborhood today. I put a red box around my condo (lower right hand corner).

I can tell by the construction progress on the hotel (even farther down on the lower right) that this shot is recent. Safeco Field, where the Mariners play is the closed up clamshell on the left. They have it closed for now while they get the grass ready for the season.

Today is my birthday - 68. It's too late to die young. Oh well.  I celebrated by stopping on the way home from the pool by stopping at Krispy Kreme and picking up a half dozen fresh original glazed. My favorites. Yum.  I might go out to dinner tonight OR I might order in something fancy.  I'll decide later. Good options both.

The rest of the day has yet to be filled in. I plan to do whatever I want. As usual. The perks of being 68 are many.
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