Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Funky Day

The pharmacist found the error with the over charge and said she refunded my Discover card the $94. But, when she went to make the correct charge of $47, my Discover card was refused. She said she'd try the charge again tomorrow and call me if there was still an issue. I was standing in a store a the time. I used the same Discover card with no issue. Then I went to get gas. The gas pump said my Discover card was rejected. 3 times. Used Visa.

I came home can called Discover. The Discover lady said there was no record of any kind by either the pharmacist or the gas station. And no issue with the card. She was not the usually very helpful Discover ilk. She was more the Chase Visa kind of CS. Oh well.

The doctor's office sent in the prescription but then it dawned on me that as the insurance company thinks I have a 2 months supply, they will sit on filling the prescription. So now I am on hold with Humana. The first person I talked to has a very thick Southern accent and I am not being successful imparting my information. Happily this inhaler is helping me breathe cause I'm taking a lot of deep breaths...

Also, of course, their hold music/constant needless info with mindless chatter about how valuable I am is not helping...

Ok, Sally Southern says there's no hold up and, in fact, the local pharmacy did reverse their claim so nice! Ok, moving on to the next problem.

My brother's web cam has been down for several hours. Monday-Friday, the chatter in his shop keeps me company. It's really disconcerting and pretty sad when I don't get to eavesdrop. They are so busy, I hate to complain but I finally sent him a note and he's trying to fix it now.

I did make two new dolls and now it's knittin' time.

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