Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Getting things done...

This new inhaler is really the boss. My breathing, for the past few days, has been better than it has been for years. I can tell in my swimming and in everything else. This morning, I swam for a mile and a half and I still had juice for more. I haven't had to stop to catch my breath for days and there is zero panting. I love this stuff. Anoro. I'm still confused about pricing but I think I'm going to pay regardless. I love this stuff. Just sent Dr. Lung a note asking him to send a prescription for more to Humana.

Turns out that the local pharmacy where I got the one inhaler last week, charged me double what they should have. They reported to the insurance company that I got 2 inhalers. They only gave me one but charged me for two. Getting that sorted out is going to be way less fun than most anything else.

I think I'm going up today to Seattle Fabrics which is is this great store for outdoor stuff - sails and fleece and bindings and straps. My purse hardware and strap stash is now depleted and I need more. In case I need another bag. Ha! I can order online but I'd rather go paw through the stuff plus the store is fun. And I need to get gas anyway.

I think I'll call the pharmacy at 9 (they don't open til then) and then head on out.

Baseball starts for reals one week from today. I'm totally ready. I appreciate having Spring Training to tide us over but I'm ready to get on with the real stuff.

A bear from last night...

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