Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I think I've finally broken my habit of getting to the gym 20 minutes early on weekends. I used to use the time to visit with my swim buddy, Barrie, but she doesn't swim any more so now I just stand there doing sudoku on my phone and getting annoyed that they won't open up.

Yesterday and today both I got there before they opened but really less than 5 minutes. I like to be first so I can secure my lane in the pool. But, there's no need to stand there for 20 minutes.

I had planned to stop at the drug store, the grocery store and the gas station after my swim but then realized that I had no credit card with me. So I only went to the drug store. They have pay by phone, thank you very much. Gas station and Grocery store, you lose. I actually probably had enough cash and also had a debit card but grabbed the no credit card excuse because it matched my IDon'tWanna. I need to get that Visa back into that car wallet.

I've been keeping a wallet in the car. It has my drivers license, a debit card, my costco card and, usually, a visa card. In my walking around purse, I carry an expired drivers license (for ID), a Visa, a Discover, a debit/atm card and my health insurance stuff and cash. In the house, I keep a debit/atm card with my emergency cash.

I don't really have anyone I can call for a cash/money emergency (loss, theft, earthquake, car wreck, etc) so this plan has me covered pretty well, I think.

I finally took the time, last night, to install Google stuff on my el cheapo Amazon Fire tablet. I had tried it once before and it didn't work worth a damn. Last night it was easy peasy and worked exactly as expected. Now I have Chrome and updates to the Google Play store apps I had side loaded. Plus easy access to Google Drive where I keep patterns and notes. Nice.

I need Amazon to have another fire sale of the Fire tablets so I can pick up another one. I have several tablets around the house, but they all now have specific jobs and need to stay where they are for my convenience. Now I need a travel one for carting from one room to another. Ok so yeah, need is kind of a strong word. But, still, they will - in the next month or so - drop the price to $40. And I'll pick up another one then.

I'm off now to the sewing room to finish up that purse and maybe make a doll or two.
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