Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Last night, we had the sweetest rainbow. I took a photo of it but didn't even look at it because I assumed I had not captured it. Wrong! You have to look closely but it's there.

Rainbows are pretty common around here (way more common, for instance, than thunderstorms - TV/movie depiction of Seattle not withstanding). But even so, each one is a special event. They are just pretty.

I spent the day in the sewing room with the baseball game on my tablet. Pretty much my perfect day. I made one doll. And then the mail came. I had order some sew-in magnets from China via Ebay and they finally arrived. I ordered them for the fireplace screen but figured out another fix there while I was waiting. So I decided to make a bag and use them to secure the flap. I wanted a patchwork bag so that ate up the rest of the game. I have it mostly all done and will finish it tomorrow. And, I think the magnets are going to work perfectly.

Tonight I'm going to try the steak and snow peas thing again - this time sans too much peppered sesame oil. I'd really like to nail this dish. I keep getting it close to right without being exactly perfect. Fingers crossed.

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