Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Nice day

I haven't heard back from the notes I sent Humana this week. Neither was an emergency but I think 25 hours is enough time to answer simple questions. I'm assuming I won't hear anything over the weekend either. Probably they are spending this afternoon crying over spilt affordable care. They already announced they were pulling out so now maybe they need to look into care for their own foot that they may have shot.

The Mariners are 1 out away from a win but very close to losing. Interesting how the announcers have moved from 'it's just Spring Training' to 'hmmmm I think he's going to get counseled on that'. We still have more than a week until regular season. It's time for those jokers to get their heads in the game.

My Kickstarter swim entertainment center got fully funded. I sure hope they have success, I'd love an upgrade. Now I need to carve $180 more dollars out of this month's budget.

I never did get the iPod Shuffle to read all the parts of a multipart book. I have to stitch them together and then put the big MP3 into iTunes and load it on. What a PIA. I'll be so glad to ditch iTunes.

Time to catch up on some TiVo.

The dolls of today.

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