Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Sew so

After I got home from the grocery store, I sat down to catch up and all of a sudden I was terminally sleepy. So I slept for 30 minutes. And I've felt perfect since. Weird. Very.

So I didn't hit the sewing room until late and started with fixing a pillow case. I like my cases envelope style and I found one this morning that had not been upfitted so I did. 2 seams. I sewed them both incorrectly and so undid them and then redid one wrong again. I was like a master fuckerupper. Finally got the case done and then realized I needed more doll faces before I make more dolls so I started on that. I'll finish tomorrow.

Turns out, as much as I'd like to be, I am not smart enough for the NY Times crossword puzzle. Mondays, maybe but mostly not. The rest of the week, NFW. But, legalmoose turned me on to their mini puzzles and to those, I am now addicted. My latest treat is to check in the late afternoon and find that I have not yet done today's!

I made some macaroni and cheese the other day with velveeta. It was good but there was way too much. Last night I put some cream and butter into a baking dish and added some of the leftover and backed it for about 30 minutes. OMG was that good. I am going to repeat that for tonight's dinner. I got some really pretty pork chops today and one of those will share the plate.

Time to get to knittin'
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