Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Cough cough

My new inhaler is absolutely working in so far as breathing is as easy as if there were no COPD. However, I just had a coughing fit that was concerning. Now, is it the new inhaler? Or just an every day coughing fit that I would have regardless? I have no clue. Time will tell? A week. I'm going to stick with this a week. At least.

I just killed an hour on my insurance company's website trying to ascertain a financial reason to keep or switch. The new one will cost me $849 total this year. The old one, according to the same form, will cost me $16,473 total for this year. I'm thinking the latter is likely a data sneeze. Finally, I just sent an email asking. I'm sure the reply will be - call us. Their site also says that the $94.00 I paid this week for the new inhaler should have been $47. I sent another note about that.

Comparatively speaking navigating the financials of old people health care in the United States is a lot easier than most and at least my new insurance has lots on online information BUT, it's clear that one needs to be retired and/or for other reasons have copious free time to research and figure out what they fucking mean.

At least all the research, clicking, figuring, writing has now lasted long enough for my coughing fit to completely clear up!

Today is definitely a grocery store day. I used my last tortilla today and it had already passed its prime. So I'll head out here once the morning rush traffic is through and get that done.
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