Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Doll Savior!

A couple of weeks ago, I shot off two emails - one to Goodwill and one to another non profit - asking if they wanted dolls. I never heard from either and figured for now I'd go for 'something will turn up.'

Well, today something did! I got an email from a really nice lady at Goodwill. She wants to try selling them online. They have a pretty active online situation. And I can drop them off anytime 9-4 Monday-Friday. Plus she says if that doesn't work out she has other ideas about how and where to find them good homes.

YAHOOOOOO!!! I will be taking her the first 25 tomorrow. They have been group shot and bagged up and are all ready to go.

I also went to pick up my new inhaler. $95 fucking bucks! I'm hoping it will be half that when I get 3 at a time at Humana Pharmacy. But, I wanted to start out with only one to make sure I can still breathe after I try it a week. Dr. Lung said I should be able to know in a day or two. At least I still have a supply of the others if this doesn't work. Nice to have options.

I have now assembled all the dolls I had started and I think I'm going to take a day or two and try some other projects before I go back to dolls.

Here are the two I finished this morning:

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